Nickelodeon Creative Advertising New York returned to Blue-Zoo to make the second in a sequence of adverts for Topps candy. 

After being presented with a brief idea involving a fight between the two witches introduced in the previous advert, I wrote an outline involving a series of visual gags which I then drew up in an animatic and presented to the client. 

Once this was signed off I worked closely with the team throughout the production in order to meet the deadline for Hallowe'en 2018.

It can be viewed here:


Client: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising (for The Topps Company)

Director: Ben Steer

Art Director: Joe Kinch

CG Supervisor: Gherardo Zurla

Modelling Supervisor: Pietro Licini

Modellers: Richard Cope, Jordan Browne, Emilie Browne

Look Development: Arthur Tibbett & Gherardo Zurla

Rigging: Anthony Delliste

Animation: Ben Steer & Alec Smith

Lighting and Rendering: Gherardo Zurla, Francesco Ferraro & Hannah Wong 

Compositing: Ben Beckett & Lisa Mandelli

Creative Director: Damian Hook

Creative Producer: Lizzie Hicks

Sound: John Sutherland

© 2018 Ben Steer

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