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For the 2019 British Heart Foundation's 'Dechox' campaign, Blue-Zoo were asked to produce a fun, humorous TV advert challenging viewers to give up chocolate for February and raise money for medical research.


I took the client's idea of having chocolate bars relaxing by a pool before being locked away and wrote a series of visual gags, from which the client chose three. I then drew up a rough animatic which was further developed by Joe Kinch. I then oversaw the project with Lizzie Hicks and Damian Hook while assisting with animation. 

The campaign went live on Boxing Day 2018 across all major commercial channels and continued throughout January on TV and social media. 

Wax On (for the British Heart Foundation)

Ben Steer - Director
Joe Kinch - Art Director 
Chris Wright - Modelling
Look Dev - Gherado Zurla
Anthony Delliste - Rigging
Mark Spokes, Valantin Puig, Ben Steer - Animation
Yolande Clerek - Lead Light and Comp
Geroge Quelch - Lighting and Comp
Fabrizia Spera - Effects
Damian Hook - Executive Producer
Lizzie Hicks - Creative Producer

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